Nikola Mihov

  • Philippe Schmitt

    Owner and Chairman, France

  • Michael Erwin

    Director of Sales, USA

  • Philippe Venet

    Manager, France

  • Nicolas

    Receptionist, France

  • David

    Bartender, Hong Kong

  • Dinesh

    Doorman, Sri Lanka

  • Jean

    Bellboy, Togo

  • Maggie

    Housekeeper, Reunion Island

  • Tina

    Chambermaid, DR Congo

  • Carinne

    Chambermaid, DR Congo

  • Marie Laguerre

    Cleaning lady, Haiti

  • Silly

    Valet, Senegal

  • Marie-Jose

    Laundress, DR Congo

Victoria Palace

Victoria Palace, 2011

Victoria palace is a five-star Parisian hotel where the photographer used to work as a night receptionist. Portraying the entire staff of the hotel  from the owner to the chambermaids – he puts an emphasis on the connection between the subject and the luxurious interior of the hotel designed in the Napoleon III style.