Nikola Mihov

Hello and Welcome To Paris

Hello and Welcome to Paris, 2015

Breaking news such as the November 13attacks in Paris become a jackpot for the corporate media in their race for an ever-wider audience. The repetitive stream of horrifying news shapes the image of terror and converts it into a mass consumption product. Much like advertising, which twists reality in order to sell, the media overexposes negative news in order to gain audience.

The series “Hello and Welcome to Paris”, shot in the days after the attacks, explores the media approach to the “Live from Paris” broadcast. It shifts the focus from the events to the key phrases that remain imprinted in our consciousness. The language used by the media is standardized and follows the rules of the editorial routine. How alive is “Live from Paris”? Reporters act with conventional gestures and dramatic intonations, reading pre-fabricated lines written elsewhere, while the segments begin with the obligatory “Hello and Welcome to Paris.” Is this inappropriate greeting an oversight on the part of the editor or a trend in the global news industry?